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NSWC Crane employee engages workforce to prepare Warfighter for evolving threats

By NSWC Crane Corporate Communications | Nov. 20, 2018

CRANE, Ind. – “If you think of a Warfighter out in the field, he or she may not see what threat exists beyond an adjacent hill,” says Dr. Carol Hunter, a Human Capital Lead at Naval Surface Warfare Center, Crane Division (NSWC Crane). “They need to be equipped with tools to prepare them for any encounter…because once they are faced with that threat, it’s too late.”

Each day, Dr. Hunter strives to ensure the workforce at Crane is positioned to anticipate and eliminate the rapidly evolving threats soldiers and sailors face. Dr. Hunter says the workforce at NSWC Crane is critical to providing those necessary tools that keep the Warfighter prepared, safe, and effective.

 “As a Human Capital Lead for a division, I strengthen the architecture connecting our prominent workforce to our vast, state-of-the-art resources. I look for ways to bolster these internal relationships and to efficiently use the existing infrastructure, such as material, equipment, and technology. When we work together efficiently, the Warfighter is prepared for every threat.”

In the early 2000s, Dr. Hunter spent three years establishing the National Thought Leadership (NTL) capability for NSWC Crane. This model provided structure supporting NSWC Crane’s leading subject matter experts (SME), and has since grown to enable innovative learning and opportunities to collaborate across NAVSEA and other service branches.

“Originally, our SMEs and other resources were seen as separate entities,” says Dr. Hunter. “With the NTL in place, we’ve leveraged our expertise to provide affordable and innovative solutions for the Navy and military.”

Dr. Hunter spent one year working for the Chief of Staff at NSWC Crane. During this time, she studied workforce development improvement processes in focus groups. Several current initiatives came from these focus groups, enabling the a more successful workforce.

“One example was how we initiated more opportunities for our workforce to build a strong internal network,” says Dr. Hunter. “If your team or division is working on a project, there may be someone else in a different building with easy access to the equipment or technology you need. We intentionally provided more opportunities for our employees to engage across departments. Then, resources, best practices, and knowledge are shared. The better we know ourselves, the more effective we are for the Warfighter.”

Strengthening the workforce capability and connectivity, saves time and money.

“I love what I do every day; it matters. I help make sure our workforce prepares Warfighters for what’s beyond the hill. I help make sure sailors accomplish their mission and come home to their families.”

NSWC Crane is a naval laboratory and a field activity of Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA) with mission areas in Expeditionary Warfare, Strategic Missions and Electronic Warfare. The warfare center is responsible for multi-domain, multi- spectral, full life cycle support of technologies and systems enhancing capability to today's Warfighter.