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NAMTS Graduates Host Rear Adm. Downey

By Chris Wyatt, MARMC Public Affairs Specialist | May 3, 2017

MARMC Sailors enrolled in Navy Afloat Maintenance Training Strategy (NAMTS) receive on-the-job, rating-specific training, which can help them earn up to 14 different Navy Enlisted Classifications (NECs).

     The graduating class of 48 Sailors earned certificates in at least one of ten skill areas. NECs earned were shipfitting, heat exchanger repair technician, valve repair, rigger, outside electrical, outside machine, general shipboard welder and brazer and water tight enclosure.

     MARMC had one Sailor, Hull Technician 3rd Class Trenton Jorgenson pick up his third NEC while stationed here on shore duty.   

     Rear Adm. Downey presented the graduates with their certificates and congratulated them on their accomplishment.

     “What an impressive group we have here,” said Downey. “Congratulations on your accomplishments. It’s all about preparing to go back to the ships as well as teaching the Sailors aboard the ship how to take care of their equipment. Currently we have 30 ships going through availabilities and about 100 that are planning to go into an availability. You all basically create readiness. Our ships and crews cannot go out and defend our nation without all of the hard work from you all, so thank you very much for all that you do.”

        NAMTS training is available to Sailors on shore duty at Regional Maintenance Centers (RMCs), Intermediate Maintenance Activities or Facilities (IMAs or IMFs), shipyards, aboard tenders, as well as those stationed on ships undergoing extended maintenance availabilities.

     For more information about NAMTS, visit: https://www.portal.navy.mil/crmc/namts (Common Access card (CAC) enabled site).