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MARMC Recruits Recent Graduates at ODU

By By Shelby West, Public Affairs Specialist | May 2, 2017

Naval Station Norfolk, Virginia —

Mid-Atlantic Regional Maintenance Center (MARMC) Recruiters and Subject Matter Experts participated in the Old Dominion University (ODU) 2017 Spring Career Fair at Ted Constant Convocation Center, in Norfolk, Va., Mar.23.

     MARMC is actively seeking recent college graduates from local colleges, including ODU, with degrees in Engineering, Business, Finance, Information Technology, Cybersecurity and Marketing to fill open positions within the command.

     “In this area, a lot of students have the career disciplines and the expertise that we are looking for,” said MARMC Human Capital Specialist/Recruiter Anthony Velasco. “We want to make sure we are drawing those eligible candidates to come work at MARMC. MARMC is a great place to work and we hope to give the younger generation what they are seeking in a career.”

      Although recruiters look to fill all open positions at MARMC, they tend to target engineers and business majors, specifically because ODU is known to produce strong candidates in these two fields.

     As a Subject Matter Expert in MARMC’s Contracts Department, MARMC Procurement Analyst Eric Dieges attended the event to help recruit business majors and answer questions about contract specialist positions available at MARMC.

     “I’ve collected a few solid resumes from graduates today as well as put the word out for next year’s graduates, and I think everything is going really well,” said Dieges. “Recruiting within colleges seems pretty effective. There are a few people I work with now who are ODU graduates.”

     According to Dieges, the government is missing a lot of mid-level career people, so it’s good to start hiring younger people now. Those who are just starting their careers will fill in the mid-level gap down the road.

     MARMC Recruiters have found it beneficial to have Subject Matter Experts on hand at college recruiting events, in order to allow graduates the opportunity to talk about specific positions and what they can expect.    

     “Most of the time I’m behind a desk, and although I continue training in classrooms, very rarely do I get to perform one-on-one interviews,” said Dieges. “This is a great opportunity for my professional growth as well.”

     Recruiters understand how much time it takes and all the studying that goes into graduating with a degree.

     “Being able to fill one of our open positions, in a job a graduate is seeking, to give someone employment, and employee people here locally is self-gratification to me,” said Velasco.

     MARMC will be recruiting retired military personnel at the Disabled American Veterans Spring Career Fair at the Sandler Center, in Virginia Beach, in mid-May.