Dr. Brett Seidle, SES

Technical Director, NSWC Crane Division

A 1988 graduate of General Motors Institute, Dr. Brett Seidle began his career in the private sector working as an electrical engineer for General Motors.  After being employed as a Maintenance Supervisor, General Supervisor of Manufacturing, and Facility Engineering Manager, he was awarded a GM Fellowship to attend Stanford University, where he obtained his Master of Science in Electrical Engineering. Upon his return to General Motors in 1992, he became Die Cast Manufacturing Manager of the GM Powertrain Bedford Facility.


In 1995, Dr. Seidle accepted a position with a joint venture between Alcoa and Cast Metals Industries, becoming the Plant Manager of the CMI-Precision Mold casting facility in

northern Indiana. In this role, he had full profit and loss responsibility for a facility with 700+ employees and $100 million in sales, and managed the facility through the launch of the industrys first all-aluminum crossmember subframe for Chryslers minivan. After the successful launch of this subframe, he subsequently became the Plant Manager for Alcoas Kentucky Casting Center, and was responsible for the construction and design of the facility and its organization from an initial brownfield site to full operational status.


Dr. Seidle began his career in the public sector with NSWC Crane in 2000, working intimately with the Strategic Systems Programs Failure and Material Analysis Laboratory. He continued to take ever-increasing roles of responsibility at NSWC Crane and became Deputy Director of the Mission Support Services Department in 2004. It was in this role in 2007 that he was awarded a fellowship from NSWC Crane to pursue his PhD in Public Policy at Indiana University, which he completed in 2010. Upon his return, Dr. Seidle assumed the role of Deputy Director in the Applied Science Department, before being selected in 2012 as the Department Director for Mission Support Services Department, with responsibility for providing business planning, financial services, IT services, facility planning, human resource services and other support functions to the NSWC Crane Command.  In 2013, Dr. Seidle was selected as NSWC Crane Division’s Deputy Technical Director, providing technical leadership and supervision for the entire organization regarding strategy and technical relevance.


On 2 October 2016, Dr. Brett Seidle was appointed as a member of the Senior Executive Service and named the Division Technical Director (TD) at NSWC Crane.  As the Division Technical Director, Dr. Seidle is responsible for an organization of approximately 3400 civilian employees focused on providing engineering and technical expertise to the nation’s warfighters.


Dr. Seidle has also served as president of Crane’s Local Chapter of the Federal Managers Association, and has been an active member of the American Society of Naval Engineers and the American Foundrymans Society.