Mr. Robert Schneider

Executive Director, Naval Sea Logistics Center

Mr. Robert Schneider became the Technical Director of the Naval Sea Logistics Center (NSLC) in January 2015. As the senior civilian at NSLC, Mr. Schneider leads a professional workforce of over 650 personnel located at seven primary sites.

NSLC provides significant capabilities that directly impact Fleet readiness including developing, maintaining, and assessing life cycle logistics support policies, products and data systems. NSLC provides the logistics foundation required to implement cost effective life cycle logistics and maintenance support and solutions to NAVSEA's Acquisition and Sustainment Program Offices, Warfare Centers and Fleet units.

Before becoming the Technical Director, Mr. Schneider served as the NSLC Deputy Executive Director and Corporate Operations Department Director. Prior to arriving at NSLC, he was the NAVSEA Director of Distance Support. Prior to federal employment, Robert managed Lockheed Martin's lifecycle logistics support of the Strategic Systems Programs (SP-24), Trident Navigation Subsystem.

Mr. Schneider graduated from Concordia College, Bronxville, NY with a Bachelor of Arts in History and has been working for the Navy since 1981.