Mr. Michael P. Kosar

Acting Executive Director, Amphibious, Auxiliary and Sealift Office, Program Executive Office, Ships

Mr. Michael P. Kosar serves as Acting Executive Director, Amphibious, Auxiliary and Sealift Office, Program Executive Office, Ships.

Mr. Kosar has over 36 years of naval engineering, acquisition, and program management experience across the public and private sectors in support of submarines, surface warships, auxiliaries, Naval Special Warfare craft, USN boats, combatant craft, service craft and Foreign Military Sales (FMS).    

Mr. Kosar is currently the Program Manager (PM) for the Support Ships, Boats and Craft Program Office (PMS325) within PEO Ships after serving as the Deputy Program Manager of PMS325 for over 6 years.  PMS325 is the Program Manager for Auxiliary Ships (T-AO 205 John Lewis Class Fleet Replenishment Oilers); Special Mission Ships (Ocean AGOR, T-AGS 66, T-AGOS(X), NOAA NAV), USN boats and combatant craft (MKVI and PB(X)), service craft and targets, and Foreign Military Sales (FMS) with a staff of 80 personnel. He previously served as the Egyptian Navy Fast Missile Craft (FMC) Principal Assistant Program Manager (PAPM) and the Assistant Project Manager (APM) for PMS325 FMS Boats & Craft with particular focus on the Middle East and Southeast Asia.  In this capacity, Mr. Kosar managed all aspects of Security Assistance programs for over 30 countries across 200 FMS cases.  His prior experience in support of Naval Sea Systems Command included positions as the Acquisition Manager for Patrol Coastal (PC-14) USS Tornado; Life Cycle Manager and Systems Acquisition Manager for the PC-1 Class; Life Cycle Manager for Naval Special Warfare Combatant Craft; and Technical Code Project Engineer for surface ship and submarine auxiliary systems. Mr. Kosar spent 6 years in private industry as a Project Engineer for the TRIDENT Submarine Program Office and as a Program Manager for the Shipboard Non-Tactical ADP (SNAP) program in support of SPAWAR.    

Mr. Kosar is DAWIA/APC Program Management Level III certified and holds a TS clearance.  He is a LEAN Six Sigma Champion and published three acquisition related presentations at the annual Multi-Agency Craft Conference.   

Mr. Kosar’s professional citations include the Navy Meritorious Civilian Service Award, USSOCOM Excellence in Acquisition Award, nomination for the David Packard Excellence in Acquisition Award, and numerous Letters of Commendation and Special Act Awards.