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Technical Acquisition & Maintenance

PMS325 is responsible for the acquisition and maintenance of technical manuals to support U.S. Navy boats and craft. Acquisition encompasses the development of Government manuals as well as the procurement of Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) manuals. Most boat and craft programs include a combination of both Government developed and COTS manuals to provide a cost-effective means of disseminating operations and maintenance requirements to the fleet. Typically, a Boat Information Book (BIB) or Craft Information Book (CIB) is developed as an integrator for the major component equipment manuals provided by the manufacturer to support a boat project. Once the boat or craft system has been fielded, PMS325 is responsible for the maintenance of the technical manuals. In this phase, the manuals are periodically updated to reflect modifications to the physical craft baseline that resulted from boat alterations (BOATALT), craft alterations (CRAFTALT), Alterations Equivalent to Repair (AER) or similar configuration changes. These manual updates are part of the Configuration Management Program (CMP) and full configuration control is exercised. PMS325 and Naval Surface Warfare Center Norfolk Detachment act as the Technical Maintenance Activities in support of the technical manual acquisition and maintenance function.