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Planned Maintenance

Over the life of boats and craft, maintenance actions are inevitable. Typically, life cycle maintenance costs are minimized if a system for periodic failure detection and maintenance task accomplishment is utilized. The Planned Maintenance System for boats and crafts is documentation developed that outlines when specific maintenance tasks are to be completed. The documentation includes Maintenance Requirement Cards (MRCs) and Maintenance Index Pages (MIPs). This documentation covers equipment that require periodic maintenance actions in order for the system to perform optimally (e.g. propulsion engines, and water jets). Each boat/craft class has specific planned maintenance needs and therefore has PMS documentation developed especially to suit the anticipated operational scenario.

The NSWC Detachment Norfolk Combatant Craft Department and NSWC Philadelphia Division develop boat and craft MRC and MIPs. The documentation is processed through Naval Sea Logistics Center (NSLC) for hardcopy or CD-ROM distribution. NSLC is also responsible for processing and tracking Planned Maintenance System Feedbacks resolution.