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Technical Support FAQs

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Who provides engineering and or technical support for boats? Under the direction of PEO Ships PMS325 Program Office, the Naval Surface Warfare Center, Detachment Norfolk, Combatant Craft Department (Code 23) or "CCD" for short, provides cradle to grave engineering and technical support for U.S. Navy Boats and Craft. CCD is located in the Naval Amphibious Base Little Creek, Norfolk, Virginia. This location minimizes fleet response times and provides easy access to the water in support of boat and craft test and evaluation.

What types of engineering and technical support are available?
CCD provides life cycle engineering, technical, and logistical fleet support for navy boats and craft. CCD's overall responsibilities include research and development, design, test and evaluation, integrated logistics support, alteration development, and total systems engineering. Key CCD phone numbers include:

  • Fleet Support/Trouble Desk: (757) 462-4707
  • Technical Documentation Requests: (757) 462-3106
  • Department Secretary: (757) 462-4062
  • Department Fax: (757) 462-3856

Who is the In-Service Engineering Agent and what are their responsibilities?
CCD Supports PMS325 as the engineering technical authority for U.S. Navy boats and Craft, including many technical designations such as Planning Yard and In-Service Engineering Agent.

How do I get support for a boat alteration need?
The general process for alteration approval and funding is to submit a BOAT ALTERATION REQUEST letter through your administrative chain of command to PEO Ships PMS325G. After appropriate engineering review and after securing the funds, a Boat Alteration Record is developed and approved for installation on the boat. Specific directions for this process are outlined in
NSTM Ch 583, Section 1.

Why do I need NAVSEA engineering and approval to install a boat alteration?
Unauthorized alterations, "sailor-alts" as they are known, can cause problems with personnel safety, equipment safety, equipment reliability, boat excess weight, boat stability, supply support, or general degradation of the boat or its systems and equipment. Only proper engineering can prevent these problems from occurring. Please remember: Please remember: ALTERATIONS TO BOATS AND CRAFT WITHOUT PROPER NAVSEA APPROVAL ARE NOT ALLOWED.

Who and what is a Planning Yard?
The Naval Surface Warfare Center Detachment Norfolk, Combatant Craft Department (CCD) is the Planning Yard for standard boats and craft. Basically, it means that the CCD maintains configuration control documentation and discipline for standard boats and craft. It ensures that uniformity is maintained in the process of making repairs and alterations. Specifically:

  • Provide guidance and engineering design support to PEO Ships PMS325 for Cost and Feasibility (C&F) studies
  • Provide detailed technical support to PMS325 for Justification Cost Forms (JCF)
  • Define necessary installation/support material and ILS requirements
  • Provide Liaison Action Record (LAR) services to installation activities
  • Provide on-site engineering field services to installation activities
  • Maintain configuration control data (BOATALTs/AERs/ect.)
  • Maintain a weight control baseline system
  • Develop test requirements
  • Provide technical services to the TYCOMs and other activities responsible for maintenance/operation of boats

Where can I obtain drawings and technical documentation on my Navy boat?
At CCD, part of the Planning Yard and In-Service Engineering Agent responsibilities include maintaining a repository of technical documentation for boats and craft. CCD's technical library includes more than 50,000 boat and craft drawings, technical manuals, BOAT Alterations, technical reports, test and evaluation reports and other technical documentation. Technical documentation requests can be handled via telephone. For technical documentation requests call (757) 462-3106.