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Logistics FAQs

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Why is the part I need not on my APL?
The part that you are trying to get may be part of a component that was determined to be non-economical to repair. In cases such as that, the component is coded as a throw away item on your allowance parts list.

How do I get changes put in the Technical Manual?
At the back of each Navy developed technical manual are three Technical Manual Deficiency Report (TMDR) forms. Recommended changes to technical manuals should be documented on one of those forms and forwarded to NSDSA Port Hueneme. The address is on the form.

How do I get Planned Maintenance System (PMS) documentation developed for my boat or craft?
If Planned Maintenance System documentation does not already exist for a particular boat or craft, the In-Service Engineering Agent would be tasked to develop Maintenance Requirement Cards (MRC) and Maintenance Index Pages (MIP). PMS325 tasks the ISEA to perform this function as funding permits.

The Maintenance Requirement Card (MRC) does not agree with my technical manual. What do I do?
Planned Maintenance System documentation takes precedence over technical manual requirements. In case of conflict, follow the MRC. If the MRC appears to be in error, complete a Planned Maintenance System Feedback from (OPNAV 4790/7B) and forward to Fleet Technical Support Center (FTSC). The address is on the form.

How do I get an update to my Allowance Parts List?
Recommended changes to APLs should be forwarded to NAVSEALOGCEN, Mechanicsburg on an NAVSUP FORM 1371 (Rev 7-86) (Fleet COSAL Feedback Report). The address is on the form. Automated versions of the COSAL Feedback can be accessed using the Shipboard Non-Tactical ADP Program (SNAP).

Who needs PMS Feedback Report?
As in-service engineering agents, CCD understands that logistics continues during the entire life of the boat. This means we need your input. Specifically, we need to hear from you through alteration feedback reports, fleet COSAL feedback reports, and PMS feedback reports. These reports play an essential role in our service to you, providing you with most current and accurate technical assistance for supply, repair, and maintenance of boats and boat parts.