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Boats and Craft

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ADPAER Alteration Equivelant to Repair AER Auxiliary Engine Room
APL Allowance Parts List
BIM Boat Inventory Management
BIR Boat Inspection Report
BOATALT Boat Alteration
C&F Cost & Feasibility
CBSS Craft & Boat Support System
CCD Combatant Craft Department
CMP Configuration Management Program
CNO Chief of Naval Operations
COSAL Coordinated Shipboard Allowance List
COTS Commercial Off The Shelf
CPU Central Processing Unit
DCMAO Defense Contract Management Area Office
DOD Department of Defense
DON Department of Navy
DRMO Defense Reutilization and Marketing Offices
FAQ Frequently Asked Question
FAR Federal Acquisition Regulation
FTP File Transfer Protocol
FTSC Fleet Technical Support Center
GSA General Services Administration
GUI Graphical User Interface
HM&E Hull Mechanical & Electrical
ICAPS Interactive Computer System File
ILS Integrated Logistic Support
ISEA In Service Engineering Agent
JCF Justification Cost Forms
LAN Local Area Network
LAR Liaison Action Record
MIP Maintenance Index Pages
MRC Maintenance Requirement Cards
NAVOSH Navy Occupational Safety and Health
NAVSEA Naval Sea Systems Command
NAVSEALOGCEN Naval Sea Logistics Center NAVSUP Naval Supply Systems Command
NRFI Not Ready for Issue
NSDSA Naval Sea Data Support Activity
NSN Naval Stock Number
NSTM Naval Ship Technical Manual
NSWC Naval Surface Warfare System
NVR Naval Vessel Registry
OPNAV Office of Chief of Naval Operations
OPNAVINST Chief of Naval Operations Instruction
PMS Program Manager, Ships
PMS Preventive Maintenance System
PMSF Planned Maintenance System Feedback
PY Planning Yard
RAM Random Access Memory
RDBMS Relational Database Management System
RFI Ready for Issue
SABAR Service Craft & Boat Support System
SNAP Shipboard Non-Tactical ADP Program
SPMIG Standard PMS Materials Identification Guide
SUPSHIP Supervisor of Shipbuilding; Conversion and Repair
SVGA Super Video Graphics Adaptor
TDP Technical Data Package
TM Technical Manual
TMDR Technical Manual Deficiency Report
TYCOM Type Commander USACOM United States Army Command
VGA Video Graphics Adaptor
XVGA Extended Video Graphics Adaptor
CINC Commander and Chief
SAR Search and Rescue
MS Microsoft
BoatAlt Boat Alteration
WSF Weapons System File