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Boats and Craft
Boats and Craft Acquisition

Roles and Goals:  PMS325G procures U.S. Navy boats and the Combatant Craft Department (CCD) provides life cycle support and manages the boat inventory in support of PMS325. The goal is to provide the most suitable assets (boats) which meet the fleet's operational requirements at the lowest cost of ownership. PMS325G and CCD take a two pronged approach to determining the specific fleet requirements and OPNAV priorities and executing acquisitions to fill the requirements. PMS325G works with the OPNAV Requirement and Resource Sponsors and executes the boat budget, acquiring boats to fill specific fleet requirements based on priorities set by and funding provided by OPNAV. CCD works with the boat custodians and their chain of command, helping them as they articulate detailed boat operational requirements. The boat requirements are sometimes filled with existing boat assets, and are sometimes filled with newly acquired boats. CCD also provides acquisition technical support and issues the boats to custodian activities to fill authorized boat allowances.

Past Practices: Prior to FY98, boats were typically procured using Small Business Set Aside, Firm Fixed Price contracts. The boat design requirements were defined by fairly detailed drawings and building specs. Approximately 85% of the equipment and components used in boat construction were specified in the design. The equipment and components are all Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) or Militarized-Off-The-Shelf (MOTS). The design commonality in each contract and among contracts, combined with the continuity of the small team involved in their procurement resulted in very cost effective life cycle support. There were, however, significant negatives in this procurement approach, including high acquisition cost and lengthy processes.

Current Practices: In many cases, commercial (a.k.a., COTS) boats are available which meet Navy mission/optional requirements. Since FY00, PMS325G has procured most boats using the established Contracts on the General Services Administration (GSA) Federal Supply Schedules (FSS). COTS boats, especially when procured in small quantities over a long period of time present a greater challenge for life cycle sustainment because they are more likely to have variations in equipment, components and configuration. On the plus side, however, procurement of small quantities for specific custodians provides opportunities for the designs, configurations, etc. to be more specifically tailored to the individual missions of the custodians. Other notable positive aspects of the streamlined acquisition approach include reduced acquisition cost, a faster acquisition process, and best value.

Filling Boat Requirements: PMS325G and CCD strive to fill endorsed boat requirements whenever possible with newly acquired or recently rehabbed (Ready for Issue) boats. These boats are issued to activities under the cognizance of OPNAV Resource Sponsors who have provided funds to procure the new boats or to rehab used boats.

Updated Jan 2018