Surface Team One (ST1) is:

  • The mechanism by which the surface Navy’s maintenance, modernization, and sustainment stakeholders collaborate to achieve maintenance and modernization objectives
  • A forum for governance, oversight, knowledge sharing, and high velocity learning among the surface Navy community
  • A structure for the management and long-term systematic improvement of quality, schedule, and cost performance across the end-to-end process
  • All stakeholders involved in Surface Ship readiness, maintenance, modernization, and sustainment processes are members of ST1

If you would like keep informed or actively participate please visit the ST1 portal for more information and Points of Contact (POC); if you are unable to access the Common Access Card (CAC) enabled portal you can also contact us via the Surface Team One Email.

Recent ST1 Headlines: Surface Team 1 Maintenance Summit Focuses on Removing Barriers, Driving Excellence

Information for our Carrier Team One (CT1) counterparts can be found at the CT1 Website