Our nation's Veterans and Wounded Warriors served with honor.  Their desire to honorably serve continues. 

For Veterans and Wounded Warriors
NAVSEA's Veterans are highly valued and paramount to fulfilling our immediate technology, business mission demands and ensuring long term organizational viability. Committed to reintegrating Veterans from all services NAVSEA offers that require the same qualities learned while on active duty: leadership,

Hon. Juan Garcia, former Assistant Secretary of the Navy, Manpower & Reserve Affairs (ASN MR&A) greets Wounded Warriors during an ASN (MR&A)-NAVSEA visit to the former Walter Reed Army Medical Center.

 management and technical skills. Throughout the NAVSEA enterprise, leadership also values diversity and inclusion of all workforce members.

NAVSEA seeks to hire from a variety of career fields, such as engineers, scientists, business professionals, administration as well as technicians and tradesmen to join our team of more than 74,000 civilians located across eight different states. Since 2009, NAVSEA has hired more than 3,600 service-disabled veterans as part of its efforts to develop a competency-based, mission-focused workforce. Even if there are no open positions of interest, please provide us your contact information here.

As these veterans start a new career of service, they are supported through NAVSEA’s Mentor, Assist, Train to Excel and Support (MATES) initiative. MATES focuses on retaining service-disabled veterans by ensuring they have the necessary support to excel in the workplace.

Mentoring represents a significant part of MATES and is available to government employees at NAVSEA. Mentor roles and responsibilities include providing guidance on professional expectations for behavior and performance; assisting with short- and long-term goals, and career planning; and monitoring and supporting the mentee’s transition in the workplace.

NAVSEA mentee Lili Jones

All wounded warriors at NAVSEA headquarters have mentors, and new wounded warrior hires will be assigned a mentor when they report aboard.

NAVSEA’s Veteran and Wounded Warrior Program Office also offers training sessions for employees interesting in volunteering as a mentor. The training includes supervisor and mentor roles and responsibilities, reasonable accommodation and the effects and stigma of post traumatic stress disorder and traumatic brain injury.


Training is also available to supervisors who do not supervise a wounded warrior, but desire to increase their awareness of service-disabled veterans.


“We are not alone when we have a mentor,” said Lili Jones of NAVSEA’s Logistics Management Support office within the Undersea Warfare Directorate.  “They make the transition to civilian employment easier.”