Our nation's Veterans and Wounded Warriors served with honor.  Their desire to honorably serve continues. 

For employers

NAVSEA's Veteran and Wounded Warrior Program Office (VWWPO) partners with several government organizations and its global network of field activities to match Wounded Warriors' coveted skill sets with opportunities to continue their service.

NAVSEA’s Veteran and Wounded Warrior Program Office also offers training sessions for employees interesting in volunteering as a mentor.  The training  training includes supervisor and mentor roles and responsibilities, reasonable accommodation and the effects and stigma of post traumatic stress disorder and traumatic brain injury. Training is also available to supervisors who do not supervise a wounded warrior, but desire to increase their awareness of service-disabled veterans.

Outside the NAVSEA enterprise, human resource professionals can best leverage their employment searches by contacting the command's VWWPO here. Other helpful resources include the Department of the Navy Civilian Human Resources office and the U.S. Department of  Veterans Affairs.

Hiring managers within NAVSEA. 

NAVSEA promotes hiring and resume writing workshops as part of its commitment to promote Veteran hiring. 

Start with preparation. 
• Supervisor/Hiring Manager – identify a vacancy or internship at your site; provide position description to NAVSEA's Veteran and Wounded Warrior Program Office. 
• Participate in an Outreach event (optional). 

Next, identification. 
• Veteran and Wounded Warrior Program Office provides candidate listing to Supervisors/Hiring Managers. 
• Supervisor/Hiring Manager – review verified candidate listing and conduct interview(s). 
• Select preferred candidate and coordinate job offer with your human resources specialist.

• New employee attends Onboarding Program. Veteran and Wounded Warrior Program Office offers to match employee with a mentor. Supervisor training is also available.