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SEA 21 Navy Inactive Ships Office


The Navy Inactive Ships Office (SEA 21I) manages U.S. Navy ships and craft that have reached the natural end of their lifecycle. (SEA 21I) is responsible for the planning, programming, budgeting, and execution of the Navy's inactivation and disposal of conventionally powered surface ships and craft.


  • Supporting the Fleet with responsive services for inactivation and equipment/material recovery
  • o Equipment Removal System Process for Navy item/inventory managers
  • Reducing the inactive ship inventory using all tools available in a cost-effective manner
  • Maintaining compliance with environmental and occupational safety regulations
  • Continuing improvement toward cost efficiencies
Mission Statement

The Navy Inactive Ships Office commits to:
  • Work with International Fleet Support Office (PMS 326) to transfer assets to friendly foreign navies
  • Transition ships from the Fleet for storage and disposal
  • Preserve our naval heritage through ship donations
  • Enhance marine ecosystems through artificial reefing
  • Protect the environment through ship dismantling and recycling

The Navy has successfully reduced its inventory of inactive conventionally-powered ships from nearly 200 in 1997 to approximately 50 today. (The exact inventory can be found by clicking on “Inactive Ships Inventory” on the right side of this page.) Of the current inventory of inactive ships, only 13 of these were in the inventory in 1997, 5 of which are still in a retention or other hold category.

Inactive Ships Programs
  Artificial Reefing
  Service Craft Disposal
  Ship Dismantling
  Ship Donation
  Material Donation
  Ship Inactivation

Inactive Ships Services
  Historic Evaluation
  News Room
  Ship History PDF icon
  Inactive Ships Inventory
  Ship Donations Brochure PDF icon
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  Naval Vessel Register

Inactive Ships Contact Info
        Attn: SEA 21I
        1333 Isaac Hull Avenue, SE
        Washington Navy Yard, DC 20376
        Fax: (202) 781-4577
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