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Ship Inactivation & Ship Maintenance

INACTSHIPOFF Portsmouth, VA a field activity of SEA 21I, provides guidance and direct support to the Fleet during the inactivation of a Navy ship. After decommissioning and/or cessation of normal ship operations, inactive Navy ships are delivered to one of the three Inactive Ships On-Site Maintenance Offices (INACTSHIPMAINTO) located in Bremerton, WA; Philadelphia, PA; and Pearl Harbor, HI. In addition, Maritime Administration (MARAD) National Defense Reserve Fleet facilities at James River, Fort Eustis, VA, Beaumont, TX, and Suisun Bay, Benicia, CA can be used to augment inactive ship storage capacity if necessary. The Navy currently has no ships located at James River or Suisun Bay

  • Minimizing the impact that ship inactivation has on fleet sailors so they may continue their duties and follow-on assignments unimpeded
  • Laying the ship up in an economically and environmentally sound manner to prevent fire, flooding and environmental releases.
What We Do

Before and during inactivation, SEA 21I works with the Fleet to transition the ship from an operational status to an inactivated status in the ship’s home port, whereupon the ship can be towed to one of the three inactive ship maintenance facilities or, if insufficient berthing/mooring space is available, to a MARAD facility. In a very few cases, some ships steam to an INACTSHIPMAINTO under their own power. INACTSHIPOFF provides ship specific inactivation plans to the ship’s command staff and performs close-out inspections for each specified compartment of the ship to ensure that the inactivation work is completed in accordance with the inactivation plan.

One of the INACTSHIPMAINTOs takes custody of the ship and executes the rest of the tasks necessary for long term storage. These tasks include receipt and mooring, installation of flooding and fire detectors, and removing environmental hazards.

Once a ship has been inactivated, INACTSHIPMAINTO performs routine periodic maintenance and inspections of the ship to detect problems such as corrosion or water intrusion. Some ships are kept in a higher state of preservation termed ‘Mobilization B’ status whereby they can be reactivated in case of national emergency.The Navy Inactive Ships Program also works with Equipment Item Managers, In Service Engineering Agents, NAVICP, and active ships to remove selected equipment from an inactive ship for reuse on other active ships. Requests for equipment inquiries can be initiated by contacting the persons noted at the following link for the Equipment Removal Database System (ERDS).


INACTSHIPMAINTO expertise has reduced the time it takes to decommission a ship to three months or less, thereby minimizing inactivation’s impact on Fleet readiness and the Fleet sailor.

SEA 21I’s program has been vital to the active Fleet as well. The Navy Inactive Ships Program has been able to maximize reutilization of shipboard material and equipment of ships stricken from the Naval Vessel Register, providing direct logistic support to active duty Navy ships. This equipment has been critical in responding to Fleet casualty reports and technical community requirements and significantly reduces Fleet operating costs.

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