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Service Craft Disposal

Service craft are noncommissioned vessels that provide general support to combatant forces and shore establishments. The Navy’s service craft range in variety from small vessels to cranes and berthing barges and can be found all over the world. As with the Navy’s ships, the Navy Inactive Ships Office (SEA 21I) coordinates the disposal of service craft that have been stricken from the Naval Vessel Register.

  • Eliminating surplus service craft from the Navy’s inventory
What We Do

When a service craft is removed from service and designated for disposal, the Navy Inactive Ships Office works to facilitate its sale, or to dispose of the craft as appropriate. If a service craft commands high value in the private sector, SEA 21I uses the Exchange/Sale Authority of 40 USC 503 to list the craft for public sale with the General Services Administration (GSA). Revenues from the sale of service craft are returned to the Navy where the funds are used to buy new service craft or environmentally remediate additional craft designated for disposal.

Other service craft may be transferred to a federal or state agency, or donated to a qualified non-profit organization. A few service craft have also been sunk to become artificial reefs.


Since 1999, the Inactive Ships Program Office has directed the sale, transfer, or disposal of over 309 surplus Navy service craft. In 2013, 15 service craft were sold.


Please contact General Services Administration for information on service craft scheduled sales

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