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Student Trainee Program (Apprentice)

Puget Sound Naval Shipyard and Intermediate Maintenance Facility provides a four-year, accredited, co-operative education opportunity. Apprentices attend classes at the Shipyard’s Apprentice School and on campus at Olympic College. They earn an Associate in Technical Arts (ATA) Degree and a Journeyman Certificate for their chosen trade.

Various Trade Descriptions

Student Trainees (Apprentices) are paid while attending classes during regular working hours Monday through Friday,  every two weeks. The two weeks  following the school weeks, are full On-the-Job Training (OJT) workweeks. Student Trainees (Apprentices) work OJT full time at PSNS & IMF during breaks between quarters.

First Year Classes


Second Year Classes


Third Year Classes

Math 094

  Math 100   Math 103 (Electrical)
Tec-D 107   Math 099 (Electrical Trades)   Tec-D 109 (Non-Electrical)
Co-op Seminar   Physics 172   ORLM 225
OFTEC 156   Tec-D 200   Physics 270
Physics 170   OFTEC 256   Trade Theory
Trade Theory   Physics 171    
    Trade Theory    


Vacation Leave       Sick Leave
Medical Insurance   Life Insurance
Retirement Investment Plan   10 Paid Holidays

Program Highlights

Paid Tuition        Regular Raises
Career Opportunities         Full Time Employment
On-the-Job Training (OJT)          

Pay and Rate Increases

It is managements’ intention to progress apprentices to a journeyman level (WG-10), however based on workload and/or individual demonstrated performance they reserve the option of releasing participants at any phase of the program.
Phase 1
WG-01   $15.11/hr - Approx. 6 months
WG-03   $17.71/hr - Approx. 6 months
WG-05   $20.36/hr - Upon successful completion of first year
Phase 2
WG-05   $20.36/hr - Normally 2 years with step increases
Phase 3
WG-08   $24.29/hr - Normally 1 year with step increases
Upon successful completion of the Apprentice Program
WG-10   $26.15/hr
Please note that wage rates are approximate.


Annual Leave
Annual Leave (Personal or Vacation Leave) is accrued biweekly at the rate of 4 hours for the first three years of government service. After three years of government service, annual leave is accrued at the rate of 6 hours. After 15 years of government service, annual leave is accrued at the rate of 8 hours.

Sick Leave
Sick leave is accrued biweekly at the rate of 4 hours. Accumulation of sick leave is unlimited.

Apprentice Association

The Apprentice Association is an organization of and for people in the Apprentice Program. Some of the functions are to provide a forum for apprentices to address issues and improve the program, get involved in community service projects, and obtain management experience by serving on a variety of committees. Meetings are held every third Wednesday of the month in the Shipyard Auditorium, Building 850, 5th flloor at 0720. Meetings typically last an hour.

Helpful Link

Olympic College


Apprentice Softball TeamRecreation Teams - The Apprentice Association sponsors various teams (basketball, softball, etc...), giving apprentices an opportunity to get better acquainted outside of work.

Relay for Life - The Apprentice Association participates as a Bronze Level sponsor in this annual event which is held at Central Kitsap High School. They also provide walkers for the full 24 hour event.

Coffee Mug Sales - The Apprentice Association has yearly coffee mug design contest and sells the winning mug to raise funds for the association. Designs are normally taken in February and voted on the beginning of summer. Mugs are available for purchase at the Apprentice School or through any apprentice.

Interested in Student Trainee (Apprentice/Helper) positions?

Applications for these positions will be accepted between January 25, 2012 and February 24, 2012.

Although applications will not be accepted until the opening date of the announcment, there are actions that can be completed prior to the opening dates.

  • Ensure resume is current.
  • A current college transcript and/or college placement assessment. Results must be within a two year timeframe. Arrangments to take a placement assessment can be made by contacting your local college. Schedule early to ensure results come back prior to application date.
  • Student Trainee positions (Apprentice/Helper) require submitting a Supplement Form. (The form will be available here soon).

Please continue to check this website for detailed information on how to apply!

The U.S. Government is an Equal Opportunity Employer

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