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Demographic Data


The work force at Norfolk Naval Shipyard comes from the following areas: 24 percent Portsmouth; 15 percent Virginia Beach; 30 percent Chesapeake; 7 percent Norfolk; 9 percent Suffolk; 8 percent other Virginia areas; and 7 percent from North Carolina.

Skill Base

The productive work force of the shipyard can be categorized as 70 percent highly skilled, 20 percent moderately skilled, and 10 percent unskilled.

Transportation Access

The metropolitan area highway system includes I-64, I-264, I-664, I-464,US 13, US 58, and US 460. These major highways provide access to the cities of Norfolk, Portsmouth, Chesapeake, Virginia Beach, Suffolk, Newport News, and Hampton. The Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel, the Mid-town Tunnel, Monitor-Merrimack Bridge Tunnel, and the Elizabeth River Tunnel join these cities. Interconnecting primary state highways supplement these major routes. Rail service in the Tidewater area is excellent. The Norfolk and Portsmouth Belt Line Railroad serves the improved waterfront on the south side of Hampton Roads. Interstate rail service is provided by the Norfolk and Western Railway Company, the Seaboard Coastline, and the Southern Railway System. Virginia and North Carolina are served by the Norfolk, Franklin, and Danville Railroad Company and the Norfolk Southern Railway Company. Daily passenger service to Newport News is provided by Amtrak, and freight service by ConRail. The Norfolk International Airport also serves the Hampton Roads. Daily long distance and commuter service is provided by commercial airlines. The facility has complete general aviation services, including service for private jets and freight and air express transport. In addition, there are five DOD airfields in the area, consisting of three Navy facilities, one Air Force facility, and one Army facility.

Local Industries

Major employers in the area include Newport News Shipbuilding, Norfolk Shipbuilding and Drydock Company.


Newport News Shipbuilding (manufacturing).


Deep water harbors - for import/export

Manufacturing companies (industrial products/shipbuilding)

Transportation Equipment

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