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The primary mission of AUTEC's Naval Forces Sensor and Weapon Accuracy Check Site (FORACS) is to perform precision measurements of the accuracy of target, surveillance, and navigation sensors installed on surface ships, submarines, and helicopters. AUTEC is affiliated with the NATO FORACS program and the eight participating NATO member nations: Canada, Denmark, Germany, Greece, Italy, Norway, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

Graphic representation of FORACS targets on the range.

Sensor Accuracy Tests may be conducted on operational Fleet units, if requested by the appropriate Type commander, or as a part of RDT&E programs for new or modified sensor systems. The FORACS Range is located directly off Site 1 and covers an area 7 by 12 nautical miles (13 by 22 kilometers). It includes: active/passive sonar targets located in various water depths, active and passive radar targets ESM/ECM, and optical sensor targets. A control station ashore houses all target electronics. The FORACS Ranges is used primarily to test helicopter and surface-ship sensor systems. Submarine Sensor Accuracy Tests are normally conducted on the Weapons Range, where tests may be conducted at various keel depths, simulating actual conditions, and weapons can be launched and exercised.

Tracking - Tracking of test platforms on the FORACS Range is normally accomplished through the use of DGPS. Sensor targets are fixed at known locations. Sensors that can be tested include sonars, search radars, SINS/gyrocompasses, peloruses, gun and missile fire control radars and optical systems, and Electronic Support and Countermeasures (ESM/ECM) systems.

For more information, click HERE to visit the NATO FORACS Homepage.

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