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Observers will watch warfighters evaluate “CWID” technologies at NSWC Dahlgren and multiple sites worldwide in June

090624-N-6092D-009 DAHLGREN, Va. (June 24, 2009) -- Army personnel participate in the two-week Coalition Warrior Interoperability Demonstration (CWID) at NSWC Dahlgren Division DAHLGREN, Va. – Naval Surface Warfare Center (NSWC) Dahlgren, a Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA) field activity, will host the 2010 Coalition Warrior Interoperability Demonstration (CWID) June 16-24.

The annual event engages information sharing and communication technology solutions to enhance military and agency operational effectiveness. NSWC Dahlgren is hosting CWID’s U.S. Marine Corps and U.S. Army headquarters in addition to co-located forces from Coalition, U.S. Coast Guard, National Guard Bureau, and the U.S. Navy Strike Cell.

U.S. and coalition warfighters will evaluate 27 Interoperability Trials (ITs) and a myriad of demonstrations at NSWC Dahlgren throughout the Joint Chiefs of Staff-directed event.

"CWID features three technologies that improved interoperability in Haiti after the earthquake," said CWID Dahlgren-site manager Dennis Warne. "They are among 25 trials that our visitors will see tested at Dahlgren in exercise scenarios spanning 17 time zones."

CWID engages cutting-edge information technology focused on criteria based upon capability gaps and requirements defined by combatant commanders and homeland security forces. It is the only DoD-hosted forum that brings new and emerging information technologies into a global network environment with interagency and multinational partners.

Technologies are approved for participation because they address new information sharing capability requirements or because they might improve existing capabilities. The CWID objectives for 2010 were developed by USJFCOM in coordination with U.S. Northern Command and the program’s advisory combatant commands – U.S. Central Command and U.S. European Command. These objectives are primarily derived from operational needs which are described and posted annually on the Federal Business Opportunities ( web site.

While U.S. CWID is not an acquisition venue, the assessment results do inform acquisition processes and support system life-cycle milestone decisions allowing Services and Agencies to better use their limited resources. The demonstration results are published in an annual report which is provided to CWID stakeholders, DoD, government agencies and first responders.

The demonstration evaluates technologies and capabilities for exchanging information among coalition partners, military services, government agencies, first responders and U.S. combatant commands. Information sharing technologies leverage decision-making and operational flexibility on the battlefield and during crisis response on the home front.

Technologies may receive one or more of three assessment types during execution: warfighter⁄operator utility and technical performance; interoperability– the ability to exchange usable data across disparate systems; and information assurance, the capability to identify threats and enforce policies. Some developers choose to demonstrate limited versions of their capabilities, just for the environmental exposure CWID provides. These technologies are not formally assessed.

Assessments will be compiled in a Final Report published later this year. USJFCOM, in its role as the leader of joint capability development, coordinates assessment results to determine which CWID trials best meet defined requirements and have the potential to fill identified capability gaps.

USJFCOM is the permanent Coalition Task Force (CTF) location for the annual CWID demonstration and provides oversight for the program. The demonstration is also taking place at partner sites around the world and U.S. locations: Joint Systems Integration Command at USJFCOM, U.S. Army and U.S. Marine Corps at NSWC Dahlgren, Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center Pacific, Homeland Security and Homeland Defense, U.S. Air Force Electronic Systems Center at Hanscom Air Force Base, Homeland Security and Homeland Defense and Maritime Component Command Center at North American Aerospace Defense Command and U.S. Northern Command, Peterson Air Force Base.

Government employees, contractors and military members with a secret clearance can register to visit a CWID demonstration site on the CWID web page at

Prospective visitors can select the day and time of their CWID tours when they register on the website. Tour dates this year are June 16-18 and June 21-24. Daily tour times are 0830, 1030, and 1200.

NSWC Dahlgren is among the CWID sites hosting a Media Day on June 23. For more information on CWID, go to

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090624-N-4343D-001 DAHLGREN, Va. (June 24, 2009) -- An Army specialist at the Coalition Warrior Interoperability Demonstration (CWID) demonstrates a location device that can attach to a belt and interface with Google Earth on a standard PC or Mac computer so the warfighter's exact location can be tracked
090624-N-6092D-078 DAHLGREN, Va. (June 24, 2009) -- Army Staff Sgt. Kurtis Ford briefs media personnel about equipment used during the two-week Coalition Warrior Interoperability Demonstration (CWID) at NSWC Dahlgren Division
090624-N-6092D-054 DAHLGREN, Va. (June 24, 2009) -- Sonar Technician 3rd Class Clay Malonson and civilian engineer Rachell Harsh prepare to demonstrate new equipment during a two-week Coalition Warrior Interoperability Demonstration (CWID) at NSWC Dahlgren Division
090624-N-6092D-046 DAHLGREN, Va. (June 24, 2009) -- Cmdr. Robert Green briefs media personnel about equipment used during the two-week Coalition Warrior Interoperability Demonstration (CWID) at NSWC Dahlgren Division
090624-N-6092D-030 DAHLGREN, Va. (June 24, 2009) -- Navy Cmdr. George Sims participates in the two-week Coalition Warrior Interoperability Demonstration (CWID) at NSWC Dahlgren Division
090624-N-6092D-020 DAHLGREN, Va. (June 24, 2009) -- Army Sgt. Lansford Hughes briefs media personnel about equipment used during the two-week Coalition Warrior Interoperability Demonstration (CWID) at NSWC Dahlgren Division

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