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EOSS - Description

This document type definition (DTD) models the Naval Surface Warfare, Carderock Division, Ship Systems Engineering Station (NSWCCD-SSES) Engineering Operational Sequencing System (EOSS) document class.

The 19 subclasses of EOSS documents and their acronyms are:

  1. Component Procedure (CP)
  2. Master Procedure (MPP)
  3. Master Procedure Landscape (MPL)
  4. Operational Procedure (OP)
  5. Operational Procedure Landscape (OPL)
  6. System Procedure (SP)
  7. System Procedure Landscape (SPL)
  8. System Control Procedure (SCP)
  9. Fuel Control Procedure (FCP)
  10. Valve Table (VT)
  11. Valve Table Landscape (VTL)
  12. Standard Notes (SN)
  13. Standard Warning (SW)
  14. Casualty Response Procedure (CRP)
  15. Master Casualty Response Procedure (MCR)
  16. Emergency Procedure (EP)
  17. Master Emergency Procedure (ME)
  18. Master Emergency Plant Procedure (MEP)
  19. Diagram (DIA)

It is invoked by the document type declaration