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S1000D™ - International Specification for Technical Publications Utilizing a Common Source Database

S1000D™ is an international specification for technical information. However, it can be applied to non-technical information. S1000D™, like standardized railroad tracks of the "golden spike" making possible easy rail commerce in the United States, is a foundation that must be adhered to and as such "you shall not modify, adapt or translate, in whole or in part, S1000D™ suite of information. You may however add business rules."**

Also, "S1000D™ suite of information means, but is not limited to:

"S1000D™ [is] Copyright Holders means AeroSpace and Defence Industries Association of Europe (ASD) and Ministries of Defence of the member countries of ASD."** Through the Aerospace Industries Association (AIA) in the United States, the United States is a member country.

"From Issue 2, the scope has been extended to include land and sea specific applications [in addition to the roots of the specification for air specific applications]. The specification may now also be used for the support of any type of equipment including both military and civil products."**

**Note: All quoted material is taken from www.s1000d.org