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Acoustic Research Detachment

Acoustic Research Detachment

Lake Pend Oreille provides a deep (1150 ft), quiet body of water where a free-field ocean-like environment is available without the attendant problems and costs of open ocean operations. Unique experimental hardware and floating platforms have been developed to support a wide variety of R&D programs ranging from the measurement of flow induced boundary layer fluctuations on sonar domes to the calibrations of full-scale surface ship sonar transducers. Detachment personnel supporting the experiments form a versatile resident core of highly skilled labor. They work closely with transient project scientists, engineers and technicians from the Division and other Navy and private organizations, to plan and conduct operations on the lake.

The results obtained during past experiments have been extremely valuable to the Navy, especially in the area of submarine sonar dome development. Future plans include continuation of sonar dome development and submarine silencing and target strength reduction experiments using large-scaled models, as well as increased emphasis on propulsor noise reduction. The Large Scale Vehicle (LSV), a large-scale structural model of the SSN-21 Class submarine, which was delivered to Bayview in November 1987, is being used extensively in this research work. The site's technical programs typically support analytical efforts at the NSWCCD and contribute to the development of advanced submarine and sonar designs. These programs support the Fleet, Navy systems commands, and other defense agencies. The facilities also support private industry and research efforts of the United Kingdom.


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The Acoustic Research Detachment is located at the southern end of Lake Pend Oreille in Bayview, ID.

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Acoustic Research Detachment
33964 N. Main Avenue
Bayview, ID 83803-9750


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