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View of the Plastics Waste Processor

Plastics Waste Processor

The Navy is continuing its substantial investment at the Naval Surface Warfare Center, Carderock Division to design, engineer, test and evaluate military mission compatible, efficient, and cost-effective shipboard environmental systems to allow ships to train and operate unrestricted by environmental constraints, to minimize waste generation, to eliminate the use of harmful chemical compounds, and to destroy or appropriately treat wastes on board ship.

The Environmental Quality Systems area at the Carderock Division provides the core technical expertise necessary to equip Navy ships with procedures, equipment and systems that are best suited and/or designed to meet the unique requirements within the constraints of the warship environment (e.g., space, weight, stealth, noise, logistics, manning, etc.).

The engineers and scientists at the Carderock Division utilize internal and external Navy resources to expertly integrate the latest commercially and university developed technology into products for today's ships and the environmentally sound Fleet of the future.

Major Functions:

  • Provide in-house Environmental Quality research partnering with industry and academia to ensure technological superiority for the future fleet's war fighting systems.
  • Provide government Environmental Quality expertise and oversight as smart buyer to ensure product and technical integrity, and to enhance competition.
  • Ensure the continued availability of in-service Environmental Quality engineering capability, including ILS, to support all ships and weapon systems.
  • Provide interrelated and broad Environmental Quality capabilities for systems engineering solutions to complex problems.
  • Provide the body of knowledge to sustain stewardship of Environmental Quality systems throughout their lifecycle.
  • Provide expertise in the acquisition of and integration into Environmental Quality systems for ships.
  • Ensure independent and objective Environmental Quality testing, validation and integration of products.

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