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NAVSEA's Wounded Warrior Program Overview

The NAVSEA Wounded Warrior program seeks to match service-disabled veterans with employment opportunities in NAVSEA's industrial, scientific, contracting and administrative fields. The Wounded Warrior Program Office (WWPO) works with hiring managers and Wounded Warrior candidates during the hiring process and continues to support Wounded Warrior employees through the Mentor, Assist, Train to Excel and Support (MATES) program.


The skills and experiences of our warriors or veterans represents a rich resource of talent that can support NAVSEA's mission of developing, delivering and maintaining ships and systems on time, on cost for the U.S. Navy.


Naval Sea Systems Command's Wounded Warrior Program seeks to match service-disabled veterans with employment opportunities in NAVSEA's industrial, scientific, contracting and administrative fields. NAVSEA has approximately 60,000 positions at 38 different field activities across the country and overseas. The command also collaborates with the Army Material Command to help wounded warriors find meaningful opportunities at Army locations within the United States.

“Recruiting wounded warriors is not just something we do for statistics or to get good PR.  We recruit you because of who

you are - men and women who have demonstrated a desire to serve our country who also bring invaluable expertise into

NAVSEA....  In short - you're the perfect package. That is why we work so hard to get you onboard at NAVSEA.”

      ̴ Vice Adm. William Hilarides, Commander, Naval Sea Systems Command



“Wounded Warriors are by definition, tenacious and resilient. They are leaders and doers."

     ̴ Hon. Juan Garcia, Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Manpower and Reserve Affairs


“We, as a nation, have no higher obligation than to care for our Wounded Warriors who have sacrificed

so much to serve our nation."

     ̴ Hon. Robert Work, Under Secretary of the Navy


Definition of a Wounded Warrior

NAVSEA defines a Wounded Warrior as a wounded, ill, or injured veteran with a disability rating of 30% or greater, as determined by the Department of Veterans Affairs.


Office of Secretary of Defense (OSD) Operation Warfighter (OWF) Internship

OSD allows service members convalescing at military medical centers to gain experience through temporary assignment and opportunities with federal agencies. The goal is to match service members with opportunities that use both their military and non-military skills, creating productive assignments beneficial to the service member and the agency. There is no cost to the agency. If you are interested in creating an OWF intern opportunity for a Wounded Warrior please contact the WWPO. For full details on the OWF program please visit:


Internships offer the training and education for wounded warriors to excel in entry-level placements and advance in their chosen field. Consult the Wounded Warrior Program office for the latest opportunities. For additional questions contact the WWPO by email at


MATES (Mentor, Assist, Train to Excel and Support) Program Overview


The MATES Program improves the integration and retention of Wounded Warriors into our workforce. Through MATES, we seek to establish a strong triad relationship between supervisor, mentor, and Wounded Warrior. We focus on the unique onboarding and engagement needs of Wounded Warriors and the needs of the triad through training, networking opportunities and resources. We will match a mentor with the Wounded Warrior if desired. This enhances the NAVSEA culture for a diverse workforce.


Recent examples of MATES support include luncheons with mentors and supervisors, support seminar with providers from the military services and non-profit organizations, individualized supervisor training, local events, and a monthly MATES Newsletter.




• I am a Wounded Warrior interested in NAVSEA. What kind of opportunities does NAVSEA have?


Eligible applicants may send documentation including a current resume, latest DD-214 and proof of a minimum 30% disability rating for a service connected condition to NAVSEA has more than 60,000 positions in the industrial, scientific, contracting and administrative fields. The HQ is located in Washington DC with field activities in CA, CT, FL, HI, IN, ME, MD, MS, NJ, PA, RI, SC, VA, WA.



NAVSEA's Vice Adm. McCoy Highlights Wounded Warrior Transition Programs (video) 


Sylvester Ceasar, Aquisition Logistics Specialist


Mark Gwathmey, Disaster Management Specialist


Lili Jones, NAVSEA Logistics Management Specialist    



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To learn more about the NAVSEA Wounded Warrior Program, please call (202)781-1431 or email


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