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Welcome to the 2015 Department of the Navy Wounded Warrior & Veteran Hiring and Support Conference

 Event Location: OMNI San Antonio at the Colonnade | 9821  Colonnade Boulevard | San Antonio, TX 78230 | (210) 691-8888

In 2010, the Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Manpower and Reserve Affairs (ASN M&RA) established the DoN Wounded Warrior Hiring and Support Initiative. Our goal is to increase the number of wounded warriors hired into the DoN, the Federal Civil Service and the private sector.

We coordinate wounded warrior employment efforts through our hiring and support conferences that focus on increasing wounded warrior and veteran employability by ensuring they have access to education, training and employment opportunities.

The 5th Wounded Warrior & Veteran Hiring and Support Conference continues the momentum to hire wounded warriors and veterans by linking private and public sector leaders and human resources professionals with personnel resources who are qualified, committed and ready to work.

The Department of the Navy recognizes the service, skills and experience offered by veterans and Wounded Warriors. Last year, more than 7,000 veterans were hired as civilians with the Navy and Marine Corps team, reflecting almost half of the newly hired civilian employees. Of those newly hired veterans, more than 2,300 were Wounded Warrior/30% disabled veterans -- about 16 of the new hires. The support for the skilled and talented veterans continues into this year -- Wounded Warriors/30% disabled veterans reflect 16-20 percent of the new civilian hires.

Sponsors / Hosts:
ASN M&RA is sponsoring this year’s conference and the U.S. Naval Air Systems Command, U.S. Naval Sea Systems Command, and U.S. Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command are co-hosting. Each SYSCOM is committed to hiring and supporting wound warriors, veterans and their spouses in the workplace.

The conference is supported by the DoN’s Office of Civilian Human Resources, Navy Safe Harbor Program, Marine Corps Wounded Warrior Regiment, Defense Civilian Personnel Advisory Service with IT support provided by the USO.

 The conference brings together government, military and industry leaders that are committed to hiring and supporting Wounded Warriors in the workplace. These leaders and organizations can offer innovative strategies for successful reintegration, while remaining conscious that today's fiscal environment makes this commitment increasingly challenging. This forum promotes career development and long-term employment, emphasizing the importance of education, training and monitoring. The theme of the conference is "Hiring Our Nation's Heroes ~ Meet the Challenge - Hire a Veteran!"

Intended Audience:
 The audience will include senior federal, military and industry leaders of the public and private sector, along with their respective human resource professionals and hiring managers; Wounded Warriors and other veterans.

 THE CONFERENCE IS FREE, but registration is encouraged. Parking is available at no charge on-site. Food and beverages will be available for purchase.  

Conference POC:
 For more information please contact the Conference Management Team at nssc_wwarriorhiring@navy.mil

Day 1 Dress Code:
 Military:  Navy                       Marine Corps             Army             Air Force                  Coast Guard
                  Summer White        Service "C"                  Class "B"       Service Uniform        Tropical Blue

 Civilian: Proper Business Attire 

Day 2 Dress Code:
 Military:  Same as Day 1 OR Proper Business Attire*

 * Uniformed professionals working the hiring event will be in the appropriate uniform of the day. 

 Civilian: Proper Business Attire 

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