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NAVSEA Newswire - June 2011

JUN16-03: LCS 2 completes first RMMV launch, recovery
From PEO LMW Public Affairs


WASHINGTON - Program Executive Office for Littoral and Mine Warfare (PEO LMW) announced, June 16, the successful first time launch and recovery of the Remote Multi-Mission Vehicle (RMMV) from a littoral combat ship.


The testing spanned two days and was conducted in Panama City, Fla., by Naval Surface Warfare Center Panama City. The deployment and recovery demonstration of the unmanned, remotely-operated RMMV was conducted from USS Independence (LCS 2) while underway.


"The vehicle went through five cycles of deployment, towed operations and recovery successfully," said Capt. (sel.) Bill Guarini, Remote Minehunting System Program Test and Evaluation coordinator. "These tests focused on vehicle deployment and recovery, as well as vehicle stability assessments in the wake zone and vehicle remote operation. The tests also provided an opportunity for the operators to evolve techniques based on the results."


The Remote Minehunting System is comprised of the RMMV and the AN/AQS 20A towed-body, sonar sensor. RMS is part of the larger mine countermeasures mission package, and is scheduled for further testing this summer.


"The successful deployment and recovery of the RMMV from an LCS-class ship while operating underway is a significant program milestone, and brings us one step closer to optimizing the MCM mission module," said RMS Program Manager Steven Lose. "The combined mine hunting capabilities represented by RMS teamed with LCS will provide an advanced capability currently not in the Navy's mine warfare arsenal."


Littoral combat ships are fast, agile, and networked surface combatants optimized for operating in the littorals to assure access for joint forces. The primary missions for the LCS include countering littoral mine, diesel submarine, and surface threats. The underlying strength of LCS lies in the adaptive mission packages - mine countermeasures, anti-submarine warfare and surface warfare - that provide a modular, focused capability to combatant commanders.


PEO LMW, an affiliated PEO of Naval Sea Systems Command, designs, delivers and maintains the systems, equipment and weapons needed by the warfighter to dominate the littoral battle space and provide the warfighter assured access to coastal areas.


*Editor's note: It was incorrectly state that the RMMV includes the AN/AQS 24A towed-body, sonar sensor. The RMMV in fact uses the AN/AQS-20A.

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