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NAVSEA Newswire - March 2010

MAR25-03: SHARE II Goes Live, Eases User Interface
From NAVSEA Office of Corporate Communications


WASHINGTON - The Navy's Software, Hardware Asset Reuse Enterprise (SHARE) repository debuted a new implementation, known as SHARE II, March 23.


SHARE II, hosted by Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Research Development and Acquisition at Naval Surface Warfare Center (NSWC) Dahlgren is a library of national security systems software, hardware design and related assets available for use by eligible prime and sub contractors for developing and suggesting improvements to Navy surface warfare systems.


"SHARE II has two value propositions we provide. One is to have a structured mechanism for programs to assert the government's data rights, and the other is to facilitate reuse of designs across multiple programs," said Nickolas Guertin, principal assistant program manager for Open Architecture and Systems Engineering in Program Executive Office Integrated Warfare Systems. "We have a great method on the data rights front, and we are working aggressively to improve the reuse part. Bringing in a small business to create a new environment, that we host, has been critical to providing innovative capability quickly and at a good price. We will be making improvements to SHARE II over time to address new development communities and will put in capability that adds value to our customers' programs."


Updates to the system feature a dynamic new Graphic-User-Interface designed to improve performance and provide a structured mechanism for better asserting the government's data rights.


With the redesign, SHARE II provides a listing for any missing elements or components to a system, as well as the reason for omission, such as copyrights, data-right claims, proprietary licensed products, licensed distribution, and/or open-sourced material.


"Previously, the information we had on the deposited assets and artifacts needed work," Guertin said. "The new deposit process into SHARE II is greatly simplified to provide the related information from the depositor in a much more consistent way. That way, a requestor's searches will be richer and they will have a much better understanding of what they are looking at."


SHARE II can be accessed from any computer through a secure server with an account from Naval Systems Engineering Resource Center (NSERC). Previous SHARE users and new SHARE users must have an account with the NSERC. To obtain an NSERC account and then register for SHARE II, go to To access the SHARE II homepage, select "SYSCOMS", then "NAVSEA" and finally "SHARE".


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