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NAVSEA Newswire - June 2009

JUN18-04:   PEO Submarines Earns Architecture Achievement Award
By Program Executive Office for Submarines
WASHINGTON -- Program Executive Office (PEO) for Submarines received the 2009 Defense Enterprise Architecture Achievement Award (DEAA) for its Submarine Warfare Federated Tactical Systems (SWFTS) efforts June 4 during the Department of Defense (DoD) Enterprise Architecture Conference in St. Louis, Mo.
First awarded in 2008, the DEAA is given annually by DoD in conjunction with the Association for Enterprise Information (AFEI) to one government and one industry individual and one government and one industry organization for excellence and innovation in developing and deploying enterprise architecture.  It also recognizes achievements which have profound effects on the improvement of operational performance and advancing information sharing capabilities in significant ways.

"I am honored to accept the Defense Enterprise Architecture Achievement Award on behalf of the SWFTS team," said Dave Miskimens, Team Submarine's Technical Director.  "The award speaks volumes to the skill, dedication, and success of the SWFTS team's contributions to the submarine force."

SWFTS is comprised of a number of submarine systems.  Sonar, tactical control, weapons control, imaging, electronic warfare, radio room, and torpedoes fall within the SWFTS construct. These systems utilize Commercial Off-The-Shelf component and are on a regular Technology Insertion (TI) and Advanced Processor Build (APB) cycle that ensures that they remain state of the practice.  "We refresh the hardware and upgrade their software to continually improve their capability and greatly reduce the amount of maintenance required by our sailors," Miskimens said.  "This business model, because of the regular TIs and APBs, allows us to rapidly introduce new capabilities into the Fleet through an open architecture on a system of systems.  This keeps our costs under control, and allows us to provide SWFTS systems with the same look and feel aboard across submarine classes - something that had never been feasible before."

SWFTS was recognized for excelling in five specific award criteria: alignment with the DoD Information Management & Information (IM/IT) Technology Strategic Plan; innovation in the use of DoD architectural products; financial impact; operational impact; and cultural change.

"This award, really, goes to a number of different program offices that work together and comprise the SWFTS team," said Rear Adm. William Hilarides, Program Executive Officer for Submarines.  "Their efforts ensure that our sailors go to sea with the most advanced tactical systems possible."

SWFTS aligned with the goals of the DoD IM/IT Strategic Plan by working to implement Internet Protocol based satellite communications and communications at speed and depth.  In addition, SWFTS utilizes the Common Submarine Radio Room to provide seamless, transparent, and secure connectivity for information exchange.

Innovation in the use of DoD architectural products was shown by way of the Virginia Class Information Support Plan which contains the description of SWFTS in terms of the Department of Defense Architectural Framework (DoDAF) artifacts.  PEO Submarines continues to identify ways of incorporating the DoDAF artifacts in an architectural model to support future SWFTS resourcing and governance decisions.  These endeavors have yielded significant positive financial and operational impact, saving millions of dollars per boat per year and providing improved resources to the fleet at an accelerated rate.