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Arlington Completes First CNO Availability

By Capt. Benito Baylosis, MARMC LPD/LSD Division Head, Code 300 | May 02, 2017

NOB Norfolk, Virginia --

USS Arlington (LPD 24) completed her Chief of Naval Operations (CNO) Availability Feb. 9, one day ahead of schedule, at Marine Hydraulics International (MHI).

     This Phased Maintenance Availability was in contract with MHI and Tecnico, with much of the work package being repairs and critical path Space Warfare modernization alterations.  

     “Transport Dock (LPD)/Dock Landing Ship (LSD) Division Head Capt. Benito Baylosis encouraged the team to put together a project charter to ensure all members of the maintenance team understood the objective of the project (on time delivery),” said Mid-Atlantic Regional Maintenance Center (MARMC) Project Manager (PM) David Monington. “The charter had a clear understanding of roles and responsibilities, and emphasized that team members must communicate effectively in order to minimize misunderstanding.”

     The Project Charter was signed by the MARMC Department Heads.     

     MARMC PM and Project Support Engineer (PSE) Ed Desince, along with Commander, Naval Surface Forces Atlantic Port Engineer Joe Lonsdale,  recognized the opportunity to accomplish significant maintenance during the extended period of performance. They projected maintenance requirements from the first deployment, including Main Propulsion Diesel Engines (MPDE), Ship Service Diesel Generators (SSDG), Air Conditioning Plants, Medium Pressure Air Compressors, Low Pressure Air Compressors, various auxiliary system pumps, and LPD 17 Class preservation issues on weather decks and the well deck. 

     With the assistance of MARMC Diesel Engine Inspectors James Yawn and Dan Seagle, the maintenance team identified the MPDE and SSDG maintenance requirements utilizing LPD17 Class historical data. 

     Another area of concern was in regard to exhaust pipe installation, which required an engineering analysis to resolve fabrication and design issues. MARMC PSE, Planning Yard Engineers, Naval Sea Systems Command Oil Spill Response and MHI completed an exhaustive inspection and provided a technically acceptable solution for installation of double flanged expansion joints and exhaust pipe replacement.   

     “Condition Found Reports (CFR) cycle time was managed exceptionally well and kept at a low level due to the effort of the PM and myself,” said MARMC Assistant Project Manager Clay Best. “The PM emphasized to all shipbuilding specialists to ensure the CFR contained sufficient technical information to develop the Request for Contract Change (RCC). RCC cycle ime was improved from previous availabilities due to Lead Contract Specialist Gregory Vajda’s ability to efficiently negotiate and settle RCCs.”  

     The PM recognized that the work associated with bringing the MPDE and SSDGs back online was insufficient. To counter this risk, the contract included a 30 day engineering plan production completion date to complete cold and hot plant testing, which became the key to completing the availability on time. 

     Incorporation of lessons learned from well deck work completed on USS Mesa Verde’s (LPD 19) and USS New York’s (LPD 21) CNO work items into Arlington’s work items allowed for minimal growth and disruption and allowed for all project key events to be accomplished on time.


Chief of Naval Operations USS Arlington

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