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MARMC Hosts Health and Fitness Fair

By By Shelby West, Public Affairs Specialist | May 02, 2017

NOB Norfolk, Virgiia --

Mid-Atlantic Regional Maintenance Center’s (MARMC) Health and Fitness Council hosted a two-day Health and Fitness Fair in Building LF-18’s Command Break Room and on Building CEP-200’s Main Street, Mar. 1-2, respectively.

     MARMC Executive Director Dennis Bevington opened each day’s fair by introducing participating organizations and thanking everyone for coming.

     “I’d like to thank our fitness committee for setting this up,” said Bevington. “Welcome to our third annual health fair. This is a pretty popular event here at MARMC, and I’d like to thank all of the vendors for coming and participating. We are really excited to have you here, talking about the various aspects of fitness.”

     Fitness has been a large focus of MARMC’s Strategic Plan, Mission Priority One, for the past five years.

     “We encourage folks to get out and get healthy,” said Bevington. “Some of us sit a lot in our jobs while others climb around ships all day long; however, we can all stand to learn about the great programs that these folks have given their time to teach us about today.”

     The main goals of MARMC’s Health and Fitness Council are to raise awareness for health and fitness and to explain what MARMC offers its employees.

     “Through MARMC’s Health and Fitness webpage, employees can visit different links for various issues that people face no matter what age they are,” said MARMC Naval Architect Molly Marcotte. “We have links from heart disease and cancer awareness, all the way down to physical fitness and awareness for the gym in our building that’s free to our personnel.”

     Vendors such as J&A Racing and Norfolk Waterfront Fitness participated in MARMC’s Health and Fitness Fair, as well as experts about tobacco and alcohol awareness, anger and stress management, and medical health benefits.

     “Events like this benefit the command by allowing employees to see what’s available to them within the Navy and in the Hampton Roads area,” said Marcotte. “A lot of people have nutrition questions as they go through different phases of their lives, and it’s a great opportunity to see what’s best for you as you move through those phases.”

     If you are interested in becoming involved in MARMC’s Health and Fitness Council, please contact Molly Marcotte at (757) 400-0232 or Information about upcoming health and fitness events can be found at and are also posted in Building LF-18’s Capt. Ed Morgan Gym, for your convenience.

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