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NOTE: Contractor visit requests not in compliance with the following instructions will be returned to the submitting activity unprocessed, for correction and re-submission.

NOTE:  Sub-contractors are required to submit their SERMC Contractor Visit Request forms through their prime contracting activity. The prime contracting activity must forward the request to the SERMC Security Office for review and processing before the request for visitation will be approved. 

NOTE: Contractors who have not applied for, nor have received their NCACS/RAPIDGate credentials (badge), should not be listed on a SERMC Contractor Visit Request Form.  Only those contractor employees who have been fully vetted (background check) should be listed.

NOTE:  All Alteration Installation Teams (AITs) must complete the Regional Maintenance & Modernization Coordination Office (RMMCO) check-in form at  It is important to understand that if the ship is located at a private shipyard, their specific policies and procedures must be complied with prior to entry.

Safe Access File Exchange (SAFE) program

To prevent potential PII breaches, and to minimize potential incidents and practices that could prove dangerous to security, the SERMC Security Office will not process visit requests derived from personal e-mail accounts (.com).  Non-Government, non-Navy Marine Corps Intranet (NMCI) account holders, and any NMCI customers with encryption problems are required to send their SERMC Visit Request forms through the Safe Access File Exchange (SAFE) to the e-mail address.  Detailed information regarding the Safe Access File Exchange (SAFE) program can be found at  The Safe Access File Exchange (SAFE) program to submit SERMC Government/Contractor Visit Request forms can be accessed at


Naval Station Mayport has deployed the NCACS/RAPIDGate Program for Security.  The NCACS/RAPIDGate Program provides a voluntary identity and access management solution for vendor, supplier, contractor and subcontractor personnel who enter secure facilities. It provides multiple layers of physical security checks including: validation of employment status, identity authentication, background screening, biometric verification and entry authorization verification.

Only after a participating NCACS/RAPIDGate contractor company has registered, has been screened, validated, and approved (vetted) by the Department of the Navy, will be approved for NCACS/RAPIDGate sponsorship and access to the installation.  However, a bona fide procurement must exist before the SERMC Trusted Agent (TA) will approve any NCACS/RAPIDGate request for sponsorship locally.

NOTE:  The SERMC TA will not approve NCACS/RAPIDGate requests for sub-contractors, until verification and confirmation of the procurement has been validated by the SERMC TA through the Prime Contracting agency and/or command.

Contractors not participating in the NCACS/RAPIDGate program may apply for local Naval Station Mayport passes in accordance with local installation access rules and procedures.

NOTE:  Information about the RAPIDGate program can be obtained by accessing the following link: 

Forms and References:
Contractor Visit Request Form