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To ensure that your visit goes smoothly and that there are no surprises, we offer the following information.

Southeast Regional Maintenance Center (SERMC) Security Office uses an electronic visit request system via email for all civilian contractors. This is the only method that is accepted. Any JPAS, faxes, letters, etc received will be returned unprocessed and rejected with direction to adhere to the policies established via this website.



In accordance with the National Industrial Security Program operating Manual (NISPOM), Chapters 2 & 6, visit requests must include the following information for Contractor personnel:

a. SERMC Contractor Visit Request Form

b. Name, address, and telephone number of the company requesting the visit

c. Contract number

d. Name of ship(s) to be visited

e. Duration of visit (From and To Dates)

f. Company's assigned Commercial and Government Entity (CAGE) code or Facility Security Clearance (FSL) number, and certification of the level of the facility's FCL

g. Purpose and sufficient justification for the visit

h. Company employee's name (in full) and title or position

i. Company employee's Social Security Number

j. Company employee's date and place of birth, and citizenship

k. Security Clearance Level, date of clearance and agency (i.e., 20060620/DISCO)

l. Name and telephone number of the Company's Facility Security Officer (FSO)

m. A description and sample front and back copy of the company's badge

n. Non-U.S. born citizens must provide one of the following:

1) Certificate of naturalization number

2) Passport number

3) DD Form 1966 number, provided it reflects U.S. citizenship

4) Citizenship certification number issued by INS

5) Form FS-240 Number

6) Certificate of Birth (Form FS-545 or DS-1350)

o. The following statement must be typed on all SERMC contractor visit requests:



If you are contracted to work by a prime contractor, you must submit your visit request to the prime contractor using a SERMC contractor visit request form. The form must contain the identification number that they are using to hire you as a subcontractor (i.e., contract number and/or PO #).

Additional requirements for Nuclear Class Vessels:

1. Must be a U.S. Citizen (no foreign nationals)

2. Facility Clearance of at least Secret

3. Personnel Clearance of at least Confidential

4. Date of last Radiological Control (RADCON) training completion date (Must be updated every 6 months)

In addition to completing the visit request, all Alteration Installation Teams (AITs) must complete the Regional Maintenance & Modernization Coordination Office (RMMCO) check-in form at

It is important to understand that if the ship is located at a private shipyard, their specific policies and procedures must be complied with prior to entry.

As of January 1, 2011, Naval Station Mayport deployed RapidGate Program for Security. RapidGate Program provides a voluntary identity and access management solution for vendor, supplier, contractor and subcontractor personnel who enter secure facilities. It provides multiple layers of physical security checks including: validation of employment status, identity authentication, background screening, biometric verification and entry authorization verification

To get started with the RAPIDGate Program, vendor, supplier, contractor, sub-contractor, and service provider companies can click the link below to enroll:

Forms & References:

Contractor Visit Request Form

National Industrial Security Program Operating Manual (NISPOM)