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Aegis is the name identified with the weapon system, combat system, and ships which have modernized and strengthened our surface Navy to cope with potential threats for the last three decades and for many years to come.


The word "aegis" comes to use from classical mythology. Aegis is the name of the shield of the sky god and war goddess of the ancient Greeks and Romans: Zeus and Athena (Gr.); Jupiter and Minerva (Rom.), from which the expression "under the aegis of" meaning "under the protection of" is derived.


In the myth of the aegis, the Greek god of fire and smithcraft, Hephaestus (whose Roman counterpart is Vulcan), forged a metal shield or breastplate for Zeus and covered it with the hide of a goat Amalthea that had nursed the infant Zeus. The shield was trimmed with gold tassels, which were sometimes portrayed as four snakes representing fear, flight, force and pursuit. (In the very earliest legends, the shield was imply a goatskin.)


Zeus often loaned his aegis to Athena. Once, she loaned it to Perseus. He used the aegis and Hermes; winged shoes (Hermes is the Greek counterpart of the Roman god Mercury) to fight the Gorgon Medusa. Medusa, with snakes in her hair, was a monster so frightening that those who viewed her were turned to stone.


Perseus returned Athena's shield and gave her Medusa's head. Afterward, Athena bore the head on her aegis forever, thus increasing the powers of the shield still further. By the time of the Roman empire, the emperors assumed the name "aegis" for the breastplates they wore in order to associate themselves with the character and powers of Jupiter.



Aegis Technical Representative (AEGIS TECHREP) is headquartered in the Lockheed Martin Maritime Sensors and Systems (LM MS2) main plant in Moorestown, NJ, with field offices located at Raytheon Company, Sudbury and Andover, MA. The VADM James H. Doyle Jr. Combat System Engineering Development Site (CSEDS) is a Navy owned facility of AEGIS TECHREP operating under the leadership of the Executive Officer with a contingency of Navy personnel. AEGIS TECHREP hosts numerous U.S., foreign government and industry representatives.


The AEGIS TECHREP organization is comprised of 31 civil service employees and 36 military personnel. The responsibilities include monitoring over three billion dollars of simultaneous large-scale engineering development, integration and test, production and maintenance contracts involving different complex combat system baseline configurations for U.S. Navy Aegis, and foreign military sales (FMS) with Australia, Japan, Spain, South Korea and Norway. These systems are the Navy's most advanced and complex weapons systems.


AEGIS TECHREP consists of five divisions; System Engineering; System Acquisition; Test and Evaluation; Logistics and Administration/Finance Support.


The System Engineering Division is responsible for major design reviews, Aegis Specification technical review and acceptance, computer program code reviews, evaluation of specification changes, chairs System Review Team efforts for new Baseline development, witnessing and data evaluation of demonstration data, technical evaluation and recommendations provided to on site DCMA.


The System Acquistion Division is responsible for monitoring LM and Raytheonproduction efforts in the factory (SPY Antennas, Signal Processors, Chillers, etc.) through initial acceptance, coordinating Production Test Center (PTC) and Backfit Production Test Facility (BPTF) installation and checkout of each shipset of equipment, coordination efforts to move equipment from PTC, stage at the warehouse, and ship to respective shipyards meet need dates, authorize production equipment upgrades while at PTC and BPTF, review open times from Acceptance testing for correct closure by the respective Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), in support of PEO IWS 1PR.


The Test and Evaluation Division  plans and conducts System Performance Demonstrations (Demos), Engineering Assessments (EAs) and Development Tests (DTs) to provide an independent assessment of system performance. They also support all phases of test and evaluation conducted as the CSED Site and PTC. They coordinate aircraft services for live exercises, analyze data and provide reports on Navy conducted tests and demonstrations at CSEDS. T&E plans, organizes, and coordinates the development of ship construction combat system test documentation for all Aegis ship classes (US and FMS).


The Logistics Division is responsible for providing services to the Moorestown sites, shipyards and the fleet maintenance and repair for all GFE equipment. They fill CASREP requisitions, coordinate the review and recommendations for ECPs, and are participating in the process of a multi year Lifetime Support contract for which they will provide oversight and coordination for the Navy.


The CSEDS military contingency provides onsite US Navy personnel to work with system Engineering and Test & Evaluation personnel to provide fleet insight in the review of Combat and Weapons System Design, Navy operators for all Navy conducted tests and demonstrations at CSEDS and team with Lockheed Martin support contractors at CSEDS to maintain daily operation.


The Business Operations Division provides services essential to direct, manage, and operate AEGIS Technical Representative. We provide administrative and comptroller support services for AEGIS TECHREP military and civilian personnel. We help management identify financial, personnel and material requirements.


We provide advice in consultation with Command Senior Leadership during formulation and coordination of long range plans and budgets. We improve management methods and procedures and monitor the execution of OMN, OPN, RDT&E, SCN and FMS funds. We provide technical scrutiny of procurement actions, maintenance contracts, and plant property.


We provide accounting, timekeeping functions, mailing, management of credit cards, requisition and stocking supplies, travel management, training, Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) program, Management Internal Controls (MIC) program, position management and resource allocation, workload analysis, recruitment and personnel actions.


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